080430D- Intensive English Course

Course Duration: 12-60 weeks


Course Fee: $195 per week



The Intensive English course is designed for IELTS level 6 and higher (Academic and General).  It is ideally suited to students that have completed higher education (i.e. Bachelor or Masters). It is recognised by immigration as a genuine option for these students that wish to attain greater fluency and a practical command of English, either for higher study or work purposes. 

This course is able to be taken for up to 60 weeks and packaged either after a Bachelor Degree level Course (one year extra study) or prior to doing a one year Diploma level or higher course (recommended for offshore students).

Intensive English is geared for professional development and focuses on assisting students in establishing themselves in their fields here in Australia and abroad.  Skills acquired will include:  navigating both online and in-person networking opportunities in the modern, international workplace; awareness of corporate culture; use of common and current natural, native-like language; concepts and subject matter that are a requirement in Academia and/or business.

While still incorporating the fundamental pillars of language use (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking), the Intensive English course will build upon the foundation of pre-existing learnt English (e.g. The student has already completed General English; or has completed a higher education course either in Australia or their home country.) 


The course is delivered in 12 week modules with a curriculum (based on a wave) consisting of education, application and reinforcement.  The curriculum has communicative English for business and higher education purposes with the class activities being geared to reflect actual tasks that arise in business; or for the completion requirements of higher education. The individual workbooks contain knowledge, instruction and exercises that the students complete individually or as a group. The  syllabus content has been sourced from current educational ideologies and influenced by the College’s contact with peak industry bodies.  

Acquired skills will include emailing, report generation, essay writing, public relations and networking, public speaking and presentation skills and underpinning rules of critical analysis required for research purposes for either Academic or business use.